Man Out of Time

Man Out of Time-Music CD (released in 2006) $20.00
Robinson’s greatest work to date, “Man Out of Time” documents
his mastery of form and maturity of gesture on every track. From
the nobility of the title tune to the sublime lyricism of “So Deeply,”
from the epic sweep of “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” to the dizzying technical feats of “The 19th Galaxy,” “Man Out of Time” shows how deeply Robinson has taken his investigations into ragtime.

1. Man Out of Time
2. Mose
3. The Pride of Queen City
4. Lightning Strikes Twice
5. So Deeply
6. Ansaar
7. Janet
8. Head Over Heels, Over You
9. The Amethyst
10. A Ragtime Jamboree
11. Dance of The Sea Creatures
12. Tears of Joy
13. Mr. Murphy’s Blues
14. Rosalea Two-Steps
15. The Tomahawk
16. Naomi
17. Don’t Turn Away
18. Four horsemen of The Apocalypse
19. Lost Deep in The Jungles
20. The 19th Galaxy